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Leadership Teams

Palomino Primary owes its success to the visionary leadership of a team of professionals who are dedicated to nurturing student success, supporting families, and building community.

The Palomino Primary leadership is empowered and equipped by the Paradise Valley Unified School District to bring the latest in technology and instructional innovations into the classroom to meet the needs of their community. The leadership at Palomino cares about its kids. That caring is demonstrated every day in practical ways as we ensure that the real needs of our population are being met.

Administrative Staff

Vital to the success of Palomino leadership is the support they receive from their outstanding administrative staff under the leadership of Elizabeth Bailon, administrative assistant, Renee Rodarte, and Sandra Bailon, records secretary.

Faculty and Administrative Committee

The members of this team guide key decisions regarding programming and and resources. Members include: Kristol Ferro, teacher;  Lissa Davis, teacher and Sr. Building Rep; Mary Gilmore, teacher; Margarita Sagemehl, teacher; Donna Loughney, teacher; Natalie Weiss, teacher; Melissa Sarnowski, teacher and Jr. Building Rep; Aimee Gerkin, teacher; Angela Morgan, Assistant Principal / TOA; and Steve Lee, principal.

Our Teachers

Our teachers bring a depth of knowledge and understanding of child development and educational practices that drives their instruction. They are committed to their students and to the educational process.

At Palomino Primary, our staff is committed...

  • To developing good citizens who are active and responsible members of their community.
  • To providing strong academic foundations that enable all students to be successful in school and life.
  • To teaching to the needs of every child every day.
  • To supporting our families by providing open communication and opportunities for active involvement.
  • To creating a school environment that promotes pride, community and learning.

Title I Team

The Title I program at Palomino provides remediation and enrichment to all students through strategic data-driven initiatives. Members of the committee include: Steven Lee, principal; Alyssa Ferrara, reading specialist; Julie Barncastle, reading specialist; Aimee Gerkin, reading specialist; and Gena Martinello, Instructional Coach.