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About Our School

Palomino Primary is a remarkable school for young learners in grades K-3. Palomino Intermediate is the partner campus on a beautiful, spacious campus. Additionally, Palomino is home to the Ed Robson Family Branch Boys and Girls Club, where students and their families can benefit from various programs and after-school care. 

Palomino Primary is an essential part of a vibrant community. The school is dedicated to serving the needs of our students and families through a range of fantastic community partnerships. Palomino is committed to supporting the whole child, from the Scottsdale Health Care medical and dental clinics to the food pantry, Kitchen on the Street, clothing center, adult ESL classes, and parenting classes. The goal is to help every student reach their full potential, and by third grade, all students at Palomino Primary will excel in all subjects. Palomino offers exceptional educational support, including reading and math specialists, a behavior specialist, a social worker, and before and after school remediation and enrichment programs. Palomino looks forward to continuing to serve all students and families. 


The Palomino Primary School offers a platform for learning communities for all individuals. The students must display excellent performance in an environment where they are appropriately challenged by a demanding curriculum and educated in a quality, student-centered learning atmosphere. The school fosters and measures the student's academic, social, and emotional growth in various ways. All members of the community contribute to the students' success by maintaining professionalism, continuous learning, and respectful behavior, characterized by stakeholder collaboration.


Palomino Primary's mission is to foster a critical thinking, collaboration, and high achievement culture. We strive to meet the diverse needs of our community by inviting parent input and providing community outreach. Our school environment supports student learning and social and emotional needs and encourages lifelong learners who are curious and eager to explore.